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The Associate of Arts Degree Program prepares students to advance to upper division baccalaureate degree courses. Students who complete the Associate of Arts degree program transfer to the bachelor’s degree program at the university level.

The curriculum for the two years at The National Management School, West Campus follows the Broward College Associate of Arts degree program curriculum. It includes 36 credits of General Education and 24 credits of Electives in subjects that can lead to majors in Engineering, Science, Arts, or Business. The two year program enables students to complete the General Education requirements, and to take electives that support their intended areas of study in their bachelor’s degree.

After completing one or two years with us in India, the student will transfer to an American (or other foreign) university to complete the rest of the bachelor’s degree. Many universities and colleges in the USA accept students in the 2nd and 3rd year of university study as transfer students.

The curriculum for the AA Program will follow the pattern laid down by Broward College. More details are available at the following link:
http://www.broward.edu/academics/programs/Program Sheet Library/1010.pdf


24 credits of Electives will be offered in subjects that can lead to majors in Engineering, Science, Business or Liberal Arts. Students can complete the two years and 60 credits at NMS West Campus before they transfer, or they can transfer after completing the General Education requirement and some of the electives.