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About NMS

The National Management School was started in India by a group of professors from various US universities who wished to offer American quality higher education in India, at affordable fees. NMS began with the intention of providing management education. Subsequently other programs were added, and The National Management School today is an innovator in providing American style higher education in India, both Undergraduate and Graduate education. Our strength is the relationships we have with American universities and a network of professors who are interested in teaching at NMS.

NMS has its registered office in Chennai, India. We also have a campus in Mumbai - The National Management School - West Campus.

Our programs are:

2+2 American Bachelor’s Degree Program

This is an innovative program where the student, after high school, will study two years in India, followed by two more years in the United States, for a 4-year American Bachelor’s Degree. This program is offered in collaboration with Broward College, Florida, USA.

Study Abroad in India Program

Through this program foreign students get a taste of studying in India for programs of varying durations. The Semester Abroad with Paid Internship at Capgemini Program is another innovative program where students get valuable work experience while earning college credits from the University of Albany.

Post-Graduate Diploma in Management

At The National Management School, we believe that management education is best served when the students work and study at the same time. So we provide the Post-Graduate Diploma in Management where students will study during the weekends and use their weekdays more productively doing an internship at companies that partner with us.

The National Management School
Regd Office:
23, Dr. Nair Road, #3,
T. Nagar, Chennai 600017, India.
CIN: U80302TN2008PTCO69802
Phone: +91 – 44 – 42151804
Mobile: +91 – 93848 63178
Web: www.nms.edu.in