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About Broward College

Broward College, Florida, USA, is a 50-year old state college that is among the top ten community colleges in the United States according to the rankings by the Aspen Institute. Broward College has been running an international program for over 18 years, and has helped many international students get an American Bachelor’s Degree through the 2+2 pathway. The Broward two-year Associate of Arts degree program is currently being run in several countries including Sri Lanka, Peru, Vietnam, Ecuador and China. India is the latest Broward College International Center. The National Management School is the exclusive partner of Broward College in India. Students doing the Broward 2 year Associates program have transferred to many top universities through the 2+2 route.

Benefits of being a National Management School / Broward College Student

  • Students enrolled in the 2 year program at The National Management School, West Campus are simultaneously registered at Broward College, USA, and become Broward College students
  • NMS West Campus AA Program students have the same privileges as students enrolled in Broward College, Florida. They get a Broward ID card, enrollment number and email address
  • Graduating AA students will get a Broward College Associate of Arts degree and transcript. The Broward Associate of AA Degree is recognized worldwide, and helps students as they transfer into higher level programs
  • NMS West Campus AA students with strong academic talent can join The Honors Institute, and have the opportunity to be awarded Honors credits
  • Students with high GPA also have the choice of joining the international Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Honors Society. This is an advantage for those seeking scholarships when transferring to the American university for years 3 and 4
  • NMS West Campus 2+2 students will have access to millions of books, journals, video clips and other sources at the Broward Learning Resources Center, as well as 29 public university libraries in Florida via internet

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